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    Profession: Director | Photographer
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  • About Me One of the world’s leading international image makers, Atlanta, Georgia native Steve Thornton began his illustrious career as a self taught and progressive 12 year old shutterbug with a keen and razor sharp eye to detail. As a professional, he has photographed numerous national and international ads, along with feature editorials for celebrated magazines in the United States, Milan, Italy and Paris, France, where he has also lived. These respected magazines include “Zeffrio", "Teen", "Seventeen", "Modern Bride", "Your Prom" and "Bride’s" plus Western Lifestyle magazines like "Cowgirl", "Cowboys and Indians", "American Cowboy", "Western and English" and "Western Horsemen”. In addition to Steve’s revered editorial features, his work has been prominently showcased in the advertising photography arena and corporate settings for respected companies such as UPS, INVESCO, American Express, General Motors, Hallmark, Citizens, Hyatt, Trane and Ferguson. Each and every day, thousands of people from all walks of life feel the inspiration, power and raw emotion that Steve’s candid images bring to this world. Even today, he still continues on his prolific quest of providing not only some of the best quality images in the industry, but as well, creating spectacular and eye-catching photos that are not just artistic images, but emotional experiences for everyone to enjoy. He travels on assignment an average of 175 days a year, he has been in 48 of the 50 states and 18 countries in North America, Europe, the Orient and the Middle East. Steve has been shooting Motion for almost as long as he has been a still photographer, starting with Super 8mm film, then to 35mm film to SD Video and now HD video. Steve is a winner in the ASMP "Best of" award. The ASMP is a professional photography guild 7000 members strong.

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