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Whenever a person walks through some exhibition or museum and sees different types of artifacts hanging around, he gains some respect for the artist that has produced or made all the artifacts. But the only person that went unrecognized is the gallery currator. He is the one responsible for that outstanding representation of that art and providing the spectator a feeling of awesomeness. He is the one responsible for maintenance of that cultural heritage and is a content specialist of the material present.

The heritage could contain the artifacts that represent the whole culture and that currator is the last keeper of that culture. It is a big task to represent a whole culture and explain it to the world. The gallery or museum could contain any historical material that could have been one of the most important things responsible for any major event.

But a gallery currator is not a highly recognized profession but is a highly respectable one. It takes lots of efforts and creativity and love towards the heritage to become one.

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