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We all eat the food to outlast the hunger and to get the optimum energy to perform daily activities. Few people eat food just get energy and the nutrients in them but turn this eating activity into a profession. Food critics are the one that tries different types of food by exploring different parts of the world and rate them on a scale. They not only taste the food but they feel the food, its texture, ingredients and everything related to it.

Food critics not only rate the food as edible, but they also rate the person who cooked it on the basis of its colour, texture, appearance, and taste. They analyse different types of food and every spice or ingredient that has been used. Food critics are the only one who can tell that there are tastes other than sweet, sour or salty. They are capable of perfectly defining the food and rate them accordingly. But being a notable food critic in such a vast world is a big task as recommendations of each and every person are not considered by everyone.

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