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A cinematographer is the sophisticated name for a director of photography. Often known as DOP, this individual shoulder the responsibility of watching over all the camera and light crews that are involved in the film making. He acts as a mentor or a guide for all the subordinate working under him. To be an experienced artist in this field, one must possess a better understanding of artistic and technical aspects in the movie industry.


A story is the seed that is need to be planted in order to watch the massive tree of cinema grow from it. This seed needs to care for in many ways like direction and cinematography in order to gain fruits. To put it in simple words, cinematography is the secondary most important aspect for making a movie.

Artistic notions blended with comprehension of camera, light and angles transform an individual to a cinematographer. You won’t be technically called a director of photography unless you get your hands dirty in the field. Just possessing the knowledge won’t make you qualify for this post. You need a platform where you can display your talent to an entire world and learn something from the top Director of Photography Professional Profiles, networks & groups.

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