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People may read books to gain knowledge or simply to be entertained. A book, most of the time, states 100% accurate data. But have you ever considered how this book is so correct? How is the author of a book so precise and accurate about the words? Well, this is because of a book critic who assesses the authenticity and readability of a book.

Book critic has been given the right to address their opinion without any hesitation. The concerned individual has the right to say anything about a book regarding its looks, words or contents present. But a book critic is considered to be right and given importance only if his criticism is correct. The book critics always focus on certain things, i.e., value, quality, tradition, and meaning.

Understanding and decoding what a book is trying to reflect is an art form in itself. Pressbook caters to a wide range of book critics, writers and avid readers who possess unparalleled passion in this field. Moreover, the readers can follow the latest famous & newborn Book Critic profiles.

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