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China MS Wooden Boxes Co. wooden box manufacturer Manufacturer of wooden box, wooden wine box, wooden gift box, wooden craft box, wooden tea box, wooden coin box, wooden craft box, wooden jewelry box, soft bark wooden box etc. wholesale supplier in China custom wooden box manufacturer Welcome to contact us, and our website: wooden wine box manufacturer The mechanism on this side is a square hole that does not look like a keyhole. Yes, this is a hole that can be rotated. So where is it? Continue to look at other aspects. This is like a wheel. What kind of mechanism will this be? Continue to look at the other side. This pattern is made up of 5 doors, like the style of many ancient organs, the rotating open-type organs, the following small series with everyone actually operate this complex structure of the box is how to open, pay attention! First, pull out the first block with a round hole. At this point, notice that there is a black sawtooth on the top of the block, and rotate the black sawtooth 90 degrees counterclockwise, as shown below.

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