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    Profession: Photographer
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  • About Me I'm a British fashion photographer based in Paris. I work for magazines & fashion brands worldwide. Born into a family of musicians and artists, I bathed in the art world as a youth, and photography became a hobby from a very young age. In 2001, having worked as a violinist for a few years, I decided to take my passion for photography a step further and serendipitously became an assistant at the famous Parisian photo Studio Rouchon. Within days I was working with some of the world's greatest photographers : Sarah Moon, Steven Meisel, Enrique Badulescu, Rankin and others. It was a highly inspiring period - photo shoots all around the world in studios and on location too. Whilst assisting, I worked on my own creative work and put together a portfolio with which I consequently won the prestigious "Prix des Assistants Photographes". This encouraged me to take flight; since 2004 I've been working in Paris and around the world photographing fashion editorial, advertising, catalogs and occasionally portraiture and reportage. I’ve moved to live somewhere warmer and greener now with my wife and 2 children but I’ve kept bases in Paris and London and I continue to travel around the world for assignments.

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  • Country France
  • Location paris