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The Fixer: Here's How to Salvage Your Favorite Jeans By Tracey Lomrantz Lester September 3, 2015 As all jean queens well know, fit-to-perfection skinnies or a pair of this-minute flares are a wardrobe must—you wear them with tailored blazers, with slinky little sequined tops, with cozy sweaters and straight-outta-Tar-zhay white cotton tanks. You wear them so much, in fact, that the once-impeccable hems betray your disproportionate love of said jeans, becoming frayed enough to ruin your killer look. So what's a girl to do? Don't worry: You don't need to break in a brand-new pair all over again. You just need a little therapy! In the same way a good shrink can help you identify your issues and zero in on a solution, the board-certified geniuses at Denim Therapy can do the same for your favorite blues. “For simple fraying around the hem, we can always clean that up by cutting away the excess strands or even rehemming,” founder Francine Rabinovich tells us. "If you've got a major tear on or above the hem, typically from stepping on the back of your jeans, then it's probably advisable to simply hem them shorter, which is a really inexpensive fix and will leave your jeans looking like new again." Want to preserve the exact same look so your heels jeans don't suddenly become strictly flats jeans? "If you'd like to keep the length and freshen the look, we can use a darning process to re-create material where there may be a rip or hole," Rabinovich says. "We blend and weave into the denim with 100 percent cotton threads, matching color as closely as possible." The results are pretty mind-blowing, and the process couldn't be simpler. Just register with the site, follow the instructions to mail in your jeans, wait for an estimate via email, and receive the remade pair in two to three weeks. Prices range from $18 for a regular hem up to $9 per inch for total hem reconstruction. Have a harrowing style dilemma? It’s no match for the Fixer, always on call: Tweet your dilemma to @glamour_fashion with the hashtag #thefixer. source :

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