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Review | Gianvito Rossi "Plexi" Heels (722407) by iSpy

After working alongside his father, the decorated Italian shoe designer Sergio Rossi, Gianvito Rossi decided to strike out on his own in 2006. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the industry with his glamorous, sensual shoes that incorporate imaginative but not over-the-top detailing, like punched-out straps and elongated backs. Rossi cares less about the runway impact of his shoes than their form and functionality. “We are drawn to Gianvito’s designs because they are quietly alluring, feminine and strong. He’s incredibly detail oriented and perfects the shape [while] always being mindful of a woman’s silhouette,” Tomoko Ogura, senior fashion director at Barneys, told BoF. Each shoe requires 60 steps, starting with the selection of raw materials through to its assemblage by hand. As such, his shoes are practical and designed to lengthen legs and minimise foot pain, a selling point that has resonated with consumers. Gianvito Rossi flagship stores are dotted around the world in Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Miami, and he has also launched a collection of calf leather and canvas sneakers for men.

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