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Robert Altman Photographer on ABC 7Live San Francisco (722111) by iSpy

"The Sixties: Photographs" is a point of reference for Acid culture, Summer of Love, Rock, and Flower Power generation.[3] This collection of photographs portrays iconic musicians, celebrities, rock stars and fans together. Altman's work captures the free flow atmosphere of this 1960's time period. His exploration in this collection book compliments WoodStock, and all the unique, emotion that it consisted of. Such photographs are of documented live footage of audiences explorations of themselves and being free-spirited individuals. The themes of summer love are heavily implied through the "oneness" each individual feels. The connections between fans to their favourite performer illustrates the significance of Woodstock as a milestone in history. Altman's work consists of presenting what is bare, raw, and natural to the viewer. The 1960s was a decade filled with protest, revolutionary ideologies, and freedom. His style of work presents experience. The livelihood of the Hippie Movement displayed simply through the photographic composition that Altman has learned from Ansel Adams.[4] The most prominent rule of composition that defines Robert Altman's art in photography is his perspective. The angles that are staged to capture moments are what signifies Altman's work and influence as successful. The camera is the viewer's eyes. They connect the viewer with the subjects, and build a relationship off of that.

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