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A Degree Fahrenheit Fall/Winter 2013-14 | MB Tokyo Fashion Week | FashionTV (722347) by iSpy

At Fahrenheit, our goal is to create a brand that embodies the global Indian -- vibrant yet subtle, bold yet understated, modern yet classic. Since 1992, we have been committed to helping our customers build a wardrobe that is as unique as they are. The signature Fahrenheit collection is a perfect assemblage of trendy and versatile casual wear. Fahrenheit products are available nationwide in all Lifestyle stores, Eleven Hundred MBO’s and through our signature stores. We are a socially responsible organization, and it is reflected in our operating principles and manufacturing practices. We are conscious of the environment and respectful of the resources we use. Above all, we give back to the community by creating a workplace that is safe, fair, and equitable. Our unflinching commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us an industry leader. Our customers are loyal not just to our products, but to the value we create for them. VISION At Fahrenheit, our vision is to be the brand of choice for all. To this end, our actions are driven by the following values: Commitment to quality: Our products, like our brand, will be synonymous with the best value for money. Investment in excellence: We will continually raise the bar – in style, quality, and professionalism. Innovation that matters: We will continue to evolve in our products and our technology, creating a model for others to follow. Corporate social responsibility: We will be a great place to work, creating an environment that is fair, equitable, and inspires people to be the best they can be.

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