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Judylid Frans Molenaar op Euro Fashion Festival (1970) (721951) by iSpy

Frans Molenaar Frans Molenaar started his career as a tailor, but moved into haute couture after completing an internship with Charles Montaigne in 1960. Around five years later, Molenaar opened his own studio, Frans Molenaar Couture, and eventually become one of the most celebrated designers in the Netherlands due to his work’s simple elegance and timeless style. Throughout his career, he created many highly-celebrated collections, including several iconic dresses and other womenswear items characterised by their sharp silhouettes and contrasting, almost de Stijl-like colour palettes. Molenaar established a fashion prize under his own name in the mid-1990s which is awarded to an up-and-coming designer every year, and was created in order to highlight and fund new talent in the Netherlands.

Originally pressed by iSpy in the pressbook Fashion Designer - Hollande


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