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Guo Pei Paris Haute Couture FW18-19 (722069) by iSpy

Guo Pei Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 Posted by RUNWAY MAGAZINE on FEBRUARY 5, 2019 Guo Pei Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019. From the Goddess Chang’e in the Moon Palace to the fairies in the Dragon Palace, the alluring and romantic mythology of the East boasts a long history. In the folklores of the East, a palace was not only home to the royal family, it was also the spiritual resting place for those who had cultivated and attained Tao, or underlying natural order of the Universe. In Chinese, the word gong (meaning, palace) is both a symbol of supreme power and a synonym for the queen. The palace is both a paradise on earth and a habitat for gods. For 5,000 years of Chinese history, the palace had been the stage of timeless legends and scores of human dramas. For her Spring Summer 2019 couture show in Paris, Guo Pei will recount the stories of “East Palace”, using the finest of traditional Chinese craftsmanship incorporated with Western stylistic elements and contemporary technical innovation. Guo Pei presents her Spring Summer 2019 Haute Couture collection in Paris at Palais de Tokyo, itself a palace of modern art. A rendition of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing’s Forbidden City, the dramatic and majestic recreation of the red columns within the Hall, are the backdrop for the show in Paris. This visual effect draws inspiration from the myths of the East, the red columns a metaphor for Heaven and Earth connected through celestial pillars. Palais de Tokyo will be transformed into a magnificent and elegant East Palace, gleaming in imperial grandeur and Taoist mystery. In this collection, Guo Pei expresses Eastern cultural elements through Western textiles: will woven with colorful metallic patent leather, mosaic-style sequins and prints. Highly textured fabrics bring to life the appeal of dazzling contemporary styles, while fabrics in free-flowing sky blue color or the sun-like pure gold reflects the vitality of nature. Another highlight of the show is the art of mother-of-pearl inlay from Japan. The method was originally derived from a technique used in Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) in China as a substitute for gold and silver foil silk. The artisans grinded mother-of-pearl to blanks of 0.1-0.2 mm each in thickness, and then cut them into threads to be woven into silk fabric. The production process requires undivided attention to the last detail, in order to perfectly integrate the seductive iridescence of mother-of-pearl into the silk brocade and recreate the magical opulence of the East Palace. Guo Pei creates an “East Palace” that is both a splendid imperial court of the East and a spiritual sanctuary of philosophy. For Guo Pei, each couture show is a spiritual journey. It transcends fame, material rewards and acclaim. With this journey, she looks to transcend her own “self” and attain a state of contentment and perfection.

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