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Traditionally, not many people had the Internet or even if they had didn't know how to use it. But with time and coming of various online platforms, people's knowledge base had increased a lot. People are more aware because of the internet that how much it's important to show the world your creativity in order to survive in this world.

Thus, we have various online sites where people get this opportunity of showing others their creativity as well as getting their hands on the professional and famous Restaurant list. They are supposed to make a profile and then share with the other people whatever creativity lies in them.

Restaurants are placed where we eat the variety of foods without limiting ourselves to the choices. Restaurants are where families go together and have their meal. Today, we have so many restaurants where we even get the online delivery option which traditionally was not done by the restaurants. The Internet has made people lazy, and now they prefer getting food at their home than to go out and have the meal with your family.

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