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Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Now, you can employ your creativity to work wonders in any activity. But there’s only one thing that separates this activity from becoming a hobby or a profession, the ability to captivate people’s attention. Therefore, it's important you take steps to provide it exposure first, and then let your creativity speak for itself.

The apparel industry easily places in the top ten trade categories in the world. Of all the various categories in fashion, the most common is the Ready-to-wear apparel. Ready-to-wear or Prêt-à-Porter refer to garments that are marketed in finished condition, and only available in standard clothing sizes. This makes Ready-to-wear fashion an inherently marketable profession.

If you want people to look for your brand when they're out to buy clothes, you need a wider reach. There are many ways to achieve this, like marketing campaigns and fashion displays, but one thing that's often overlooked is making networks. What it essentially means is you need to connect with other people with similar interests, be it in your city or across the globe, and learn, share and grow together.

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