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In Residence Ep 11: "Fernando Romero" by Matthew Donaldson (722318) by iSpy

Fernando Romero is the great grandson of Alejandro Romero Lesbros, who was a pioneer in the development of several boroughs and recreation districts in Mexico City in the 1920s, to 1940s. His grandfather Raúl Romero Erazo and father Raúl Romero Zenizo continued the family business. He studied architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City from 1991 until 1995, serving as a president of the alumni society.[2] In 2012, Romero lectured as a visiting professor at Columbia University in New York City.[citation needed] He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and CAMSAM (Mexican Chamber of Architects).[citation needed] Early career[edit] In 1995, following graduation, Romero joined the office of Rem Koolhaas, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), in Rotterdam, Netherlands.[citation needed] In 1999, Romero served as the project leader who won the entry for Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal. Located on a Unesco Heritage Site, the iconic building has become recognized as a distinct international performing arts venue and a landmark for the city of Porto.[2] After its inauguration in 2005, The New York Times described the building as "one of the most important concert halls built in the last 100 years".[3] Founding fr·ee[edit] Romero founded fr·ee in Mexico City in 2000. The work of fr·ee is rooted in research and studies of project context/site, rather than subscribing to an explicit ideology and signature style. fr·ee's projects embrace diversity and the idea that design should find sustainable solutions which ensure economic viability and social/environmental integrity. fr·ee's work comprises a variety of scales, programs and morphologies located all over the world.[4] Over the past decade, the accolades of Romero and fr·ee have included: honorary fellowship by American Institute of Architects; Americas Property Award (2012); 50 Creative Pioneers in (2012) by Fast Company; Movers and Shakers (of 2011) by Fast Company; 50 personalities of Mexico (2011); Young Architects Award, Mexican Society of Architects (2009); Red Dot Award: Best of the Best (2006).[citation needed] In 2010, fr·ee formed a separate office in New York City to serve a growing number of cultural, religious, and commercial projects across the United States.

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