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New-Zealand Landscape (719242) by eyecatcher-influencer

What advice would you give to emerging photographers who want to follow your path? What was one of your biggest lessons learned since starting your practice? I would encourage anyone who has a passion for photography to absolutely pursue it! It has been so rewarding in ways I can’t express and I am so fortunate for stumbling across it. A huge lesson I have learned is that you have to willingly throw yourself in the deep end. There is no such thing as a comfort zone in this job. Every shoot is always new and different and you have to go with the flow, problem solve and sometimes flat out not know what you’re doing but pretend you do. It’s very much a learn as you go career and that’s all part of the excitement. You also have to challenge yourself to be better every time. I look back at old work and mostly I hate it, but I see this as a good thing because it means I’ve grown and moved on from that point in my life. I would also encourage confidence and not being afraid to reach out to people both for work and for moral support or advice. I have many people to thank for helping me on my journey. I try to give that back where I can. Lastly, just be kind. No one likes an ego. Source: by Dana Tomic Hugues

Originally pressed by eyecatcher-influencer in the pressbook An interview with Brooke Holm, a New York based Australian Photographer


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