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Men’s still life shoot for The New York Times (T Magazine) 2 (719252) by eyecatcher-influencer

Let’s Get Real: If I was not a photographer, I would be… Definitely astronaut, there just isn’t anything more awesome than that. + Your most treasured belonging? Videos of my three sisters and I when we were little. My mum just had them all converted to digital files and we are all watching them for the first time. It’s magical. And it’s proof that documentation is so important! + What’s the best mistake you have ever made? Perhaps studying a useless degree that gave me no real skills, but then having it lead me to where I am now in an unexpected way. + What’s one thing other people may not know about you? I’m extremely silly. And I laugh at my own dad jokes. + It’s not very cool, but I really like… Spending hours reading forums about Game of Thrones theories. Source: by Dana Tomic Hugues

Originally pressed by eyecatcher-influencer in the pressbook An interview with Brooke Holm, a New York based Australian Photographer


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