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Brooke Holm's Portrait (719208) by eyecatcher-influencer

Hello Brooke, welcome to Yellowtrace and thank you for taking the time to e-chat. Could you please give us a quick introduction on yourself? When did you first decide you wanted to become a photographer and what path led you to where you are today? Thank you so much for having me! I became a photographer quite by accident. I was led to it when a camera was thrust into my hands at my first real job out of uni, at an advertising agency in Brisbane. I had studied TV production and advertising, which I picked from a list at age 17 when I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. It was a fairly vague and broad degree, which left me with no real skills. However, it got me in the door as a base line assistant. At the agency, I was their jack of all trades… getting coffee, fetching milk, taking out the trash etc. One day they asked me to go take photos of a billboard they produced – mostly because they had no one else and I was an eager yes-woman. When I came back with the images, they were impressed, so I did it again, and again until I was promoted into the production department and gradually became their in-house photographer. While this was happening, I felt more inspired and optimistic about the future than I ever had. I had this wonderful feeling that I could actually BE a photographer, so I decided to study photography part time while I was working and I practiced all the time on the side. I used to make my sisters dress up in weird clothes so I could practice my ‘fashion’ shots and I would shoot landscapes on my travels. By the end of my course, I was so ready to get out in the world. I quit my job, moved to Melbourne and landed a full time photography job at a stationery company. From there I started gathering clients on a freelance basis and quickly got to the point of quitting to go entirely freelance. 8 years later, I’m now living and working in New York and traveling the world to shoot client and personal work. Source: by Dana Tomic Hugues

Originally pressed by eyecatcher-influencer in the pressbook An interview with Brooke Holm, a New York based Australian Photographer


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