About Us

WHAT IS A PRESSBOOK A press book is a collection of works and communications used to represent and usually associated with creative professionals. is currently in beta version, we’d be happy get your input, send us an email (formular) WHAT IS PRESSBOOK.COM Pressbook is to show, share, discover and find inspiration. Pressbook allows creatives to present themselvesthrough their own visual universe on an innovative platform where professionals and industries are interlaced – creative forces connect. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH PRESSBOOK? You can create your own pressbooks, publish works, add tags, titles & descriptions. Share your works onplatforms such as facebook, instagram, pinterest, or send via email. You can browse pressbooks created byother professionals and connect. Browsing pressbooks is an efficient way to discover new professionals andget inspiration to collaborate on new projects. If you press your works on pressbook, it still belongs to you,but allows others to re-press and extend the scope of your work.
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