What is Pressbook

Pressbook.com is a Virtual Pressbook

Pressbook lets you organize and share all your works. Professionals use pressbooks to showcase their creative and technical abilities. Each pressbook highlights different aspects of a unique project or unique aspects of different projects.

What Can You Do with Pressbook?

You can create your own pressbooks, publish works, add tags, titles & descriptions. Share your works on facebook, twitter and hundreds of other sites.

You can browse pressbooks created by other professionals.

Browsing pressbooks is a efficient way to discover new professionals and get inspiration to collaborate on new projects.

If you press your works on pressbook, it still belongs to you, but allows others to re-press and extend your scope.

Our Mission

Pressbook is to be the best professional platform for creatives, their suppliers and their clients.

By connecting professionals all over the world through the works they have created.